What Type Of Forklift Does Your Business Need?

If you needed a new car or motorbike then straight away you’d know exactly what you’d be looking for and you’d also know where you need to look. When it comes down to forklifts you might not know as much, do you need a used forklift or a new one? A counterbalance or a reach truck? Diesel or Electric? There are many different choices to be made and below we will walk you through the common ones.

What Kind Of Weight Capacity Do You Need?

Different forklifts will have different capacities, some forklifts are able to lift upwards of 4 tonnes and some have a limit of around 1 tonne. You need to think about the average or maximum weight of the objects that you need to move, whether they’re palletised loads, construction materials or anything else. You will also need to bear in mind that the capacity of a forklift will decrease the higher you need to lift the object.

What About Lift Capacity?

Lifting is the core purpose of a forklift; therefore, the last thing you want to do is invest in a forklift truck that can’t lift to the height that you need it to. If you operate a warehouse/storage area that utilises racking then you should measure the height of your highest racking space and then add 20 centimetres to ensure that the bottom of the pallet will clear your racking.

What Kind Of Environment Will You Use It In?

Will your forklift be working solely inside or outside? Will you need to drive it across mud, gravel or concrete? If you’re operating an indoor warehouse then an electric forklift will probably best suite your business; however, these forklifts tend to have slightly lower lift capacities and also require downtime for charging, unless you invest in another battery for it.

If you are looking for a forklift that can handle working outside, going over potholes or speedbumps and dealing with rough terrain then a diesel of LPG truck will be better for your business. These trucks generally have a higher ground clearance, lift capacity and are also better suited to adverse weather conditions.

If you need a forklift that’s capable of working both indoor and outdoor regularly then an LPG truck is best suited to your business. Diesel trucks are reliable and heavy duty but release potentially harmful emissions that aren’t safe in enclosed spaces.

Think  About Your Turning Circle

How much space do you have for manoeuvring in your warehouse? If you operate narrow aisles in your warehouse then a reach truck will likely prove most effective for your business. Reach trucks also have exceptionally high lifting capacity.

Your Budget

Of course you need to set a budget for your business investments; however, it’s no use setting a budget that won’t enable you to acquire the kind of forklift that your business needs. Take time to think about the kinds of features or specifications you need from your forklift and then balance them with the cost of a forklift with those features.

We hope this short guide has helped, if you’re still unsure feel free to contact us today to discuss your business requirements.